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Order Info / FAQ

What payment methods do you accept?

Digi Web Studio accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. I do NOT accept PayPal echecks, personal checks or money orders.

How do I place an order?

It's very simple. :) First add my email address as shown in the clip art girl above to your email contacts to ensure you'll receive the order confirmation and download links emails. Then you'll want to create an account, add items to your cart and go through the check out process. (Depending on your computer settings, you might have to verify and activate your email before being able to go through the check out process). I recommend always logging in when planning to buy to make sure the items stay inside your cart until you checkout. Alternatively, you can Wishlist your items even when NOT logged in. From there you can move the items to the cart when you decide you want to buy.

How do I use a discount coupon?

You can add the coupon code to the "Discount" box found on the actual Check Out screen (right hand side of your screen). You will be able to verify that it's working before you choose your method of payment.

How do I access my downloads?

There are 2 ways you'll receive your downloads: Right after payment, you'll be directed right to your downloads so you can click on the zip files and save them to your own computer. Also, you will receive an email with a direct link to each file. If you don't see this email, then check your spam folder (which is why I suggest above to add my email to your email contacts). I also recommend saving your download links emails in a special folder in your email box so you can access your downloads in the future, if needed.

As always, I recommend backing everything up. I use a service called Carbonite. This backs up everything on my computer automatically so I never have to worry about losing anything. Otherwise, you can back up on thumb drives, CDs, DVDs or external harddrives (I had one that crashed so I really don't recommend this).

Note: The downloads are NOT saved inside your account. This is a change from my previous shopping cart. So saving the email with the links is very important. I also can look up an order and resend the download links, if needed, as long as you have your order number.

How do I use the Wishlist feature?

I'm thrilled to finally have a Wishlist for you all as I've had numerous requests over the years and wasn't able to add it to my old shopping cart. Adding items to the Wishlist is so simple! Just click on the heart next to each product price and the item will be added to your Wishlist. Then you can click on the Wishlist link found at the top of my store (next to the shopping cart icon) to add the items to your cart or remove. You can even share your list!

Note: You can add items to your Wishlist even when not logged in, but I recommend logging in because that way you can add items from your computer or smartphone and they will all be synced to your own Wishlist. Also, when an item is NOT in your wishlist, the red heart is an outline, but it fills in solid when it's already in your list. This is a fast way to know if you've already added it to your list when scrolling through the products without having to click anything.

How do I save the zip files, find them on my computer and unzip them?

I recommend creating a folder on your computer named: Digi Web Studio. Then you can click on the downloads and save all the files in that folder so you can always find them. You will need to unzip each file BEFORE working with them in your own program. In most cases, you right click and choose "unzip / or extract here". The settings will depend on what operating system you use, and if you don't see the options, please do a Google search for your operating system. After you've unzipped the files, you'll be able to work with them in any program that is compatible with the file types.




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