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Let The Music Move You (Actions) - Classroom Doodle Diva Clip Art & B&W Set

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This set comes with 14 clip art and 14 black and white images (black lines with a white fill) with kids performing various actions which is great for music or action projects including: 1 light skinned boy singing, 1 light skinned girl singing with 1 arm raised and with her eyes closed, 1 dark skinned girl dancing with her arms raised, 1 light skinned boy dancing, 1 light skinned girl clapping her hands, 1 dark skinned boy clapping his hands, 1 light skinned girl stepping / step dancing, 1 dark skinned boy stepping / step dancing, 1 light skinned girl snapping her fingers with 1 hand , 1 light skinned boy snapping his fingers with both hands, 1 dark skinned girl patting her legs / thighs, 1 light skinned boy patting his legs / thighs, 1 light skinned girl with both arms raised while jumping with both legs up - or she could also be kneeling, 1 light skinned boy jumping with 1 leg up and the other leg kicked out with both his arm raised. All images are high quality 300 dpi in transparent PNG and non-transparent JPG formats. Original designs by Classroom Doodle Diva (some designer resources have been used in the creation of my designs).

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