Lifetime Commercial License (Extended) for ALL PRODUCTS

Lifetime Commercial License (Extended) for ALL PRODUCTS

  • $100.00

This Extended Lifetime Commercial License covers ALL PRODUCTS (paid and FREEBIES) on this website and is NOT included in the Bundle Deals. It includes the Physical and Digital Commercial Licenses PLUS it allows for creating and selling numbers 1-4 below:

Lifetime Commercial License (Extended) Terms of Use:

This license is for one person / small business (no employees or independent contractors). You must always create a new design so that my graphics are never included or accessible "as is".

  1. *You may create and sell SVG / cutting files / print and cut files and stickers.
  2. *You may create and sell sublimation transfers.
  3. *You may create and sell digitized embroidery patterns.
  4. *You may create and sell cross-stitch patterns.

*These products are allowed under this Extended Commercial License ONLY.

At this time, I do not allow for you to create black and white outlines (as I include these in many of my sets). I also do not allow for mass production on a scale larger than a small home based business (as defined above).

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