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This Superhero Kids Bundle Deal is ideal for creating crafts, printables, teacher resources, lessons, games, activities and would look adorable on classroom bulletin boards and includes 10 Clip Art & B&W Sets (in PNG format 300 dpi):

    1. Superhero Boys features: 10 superhero boys in various poses.
    2. Superhero Girls features: 10 superhero girls in various poses.
    3. New Superhero Kids features: 10 superhero boys and girls in various poses.
    4. Big Grin Superhero Kids features: 10 superhero boys and girls with really big smiles / laughing in various poses.
    5. Superhero Topper Kids features: 12 superhero topper girls and boys.
    6. More Superhero Topper Kids Topper Kids features: 8 superhero topper girls and boys.
    7. New Superhero Topper Kids features: 10 superhero topper girls and boys.
    8. Superhero Word Art features 20 word bubbles such as: SUPERHERO (2 versions), POW! (2 versions), SPLAT! (2 versions), KAPOW! (2 versions), ZAP! (2 versions), ZOOM! (2 versions), BOOM! (2 versions), BAM! (2 versions), BANG! (2 versions) and CRASH! (2 versions).
    9. New Superhero Word Art features 10 word bubbles such as: POW! (2 versions), CRASH!, ZOOM!, SPLAT!, ZAP!, BAM!, KAPOW!, BOOM! and BANG!
    10. Blank Superhero Word Art features: 28 blank images in a variety of colors that coordinate with all my superhero sets that you can customize with your own text.

      You won't need to purchase a separate Commercial License for the designs sold in this Bundle Deal in accordance with my Terms of Use.

      You'll be able to create your own crafts, cards, printables, classroom / teacher resources and many other projects.

      These designs are ©2014 - Present by Classroom Doodle Diva (a division of Digi Web Studio).

      *This product is a download product so nothing will be shipped to you.

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