Bundle Deal: Fall Mix Clip Art & B&W

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This Fall Mix Bundle Deal is ideal for creating classroom and teacher resources, lessons, games, activities and printables and includes 5 Clip Art & B&W Sets (in PNG format 300 dpi):

    1. Autumn Mix features: 1 light skinned boy standing in fall leaves with a pumpkin and a message board, 1 light skinned girl with a Halloween message board, 1 friendly monster in fall leaves with pumpkins, 1 owl standing on a tree limb with fall leaves, 1 owl in a pumpkin patch, 1 penguin playing in the autumn leaves, 1 penguin holding a pumpkin, 1 jack-o-lantern pumpkin man, 1 chevron frame in 2 versions - 1 with a white fill and 1 with a transparent center and 1 pumpkin.
    2. Fall Topper Kids features: 12 girls and boys holding various Halloween and fall accents that you can place on top of any image to decorate it for your cover pages, task cards, bulletin boards, and many other classroom projects.
    3. Autumn Kids features: 1 light skinned boy playing in the Fall Leaves, 1 light skinned girl kneeling in the leaves, 1 dark skinned boy holding a pumpkin and sitting on hay in a wagon of leaves, 1 light skinned boy with a basket of apples, 1 light skinned girl with a Halloween cupcake, 1 light skinned boy holding a jack-o-lantern, 1 light skinned girl with apple cider, 1 dark skinned girl pulling a wagon with hay and leaves, 1 jug of apple cider and 1 wagon with hay and Fall leaves.
    4. Fall Frogs features: 1 frog in the pumpkin patch, 1 frog with a pumpkin, 1 frog with a basket of apples, 1 frog with a jack-o-lantern, 1 frog with a Halloween cupcake, 1 frog with apple cider, 1 frog playing in the fall leaves, 1 frog sitting on hay inside a red wagon with fall leaves, 1 pumpkin and 1 jack-o-lantern.
    5. Big Grin Fall Kids features: 6 girls and boys with big grins / smiles with a pumpkin, in a pumpkin patch, with a jack-o-lantern, with a basket of apples / picking apples, with apple cider / drinking apple cider, with a Halloween cupcake.

      You won't need to purchase a separate Commercial License for the designs sold in this Bundle Deal in accordance with my Terms of Use.

      You'll be able to create your own crafts, cards, printables, classroom / teacher resources and many other projects.

      These designs are ©2014 - Present by Classroom Doodle Diva (a division of Digi Web Studio).

      *This product is a download product so nothing will be shipped to you.

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