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This Fall Fun Bundle Deal is ideal for creating classroom and teacher resources, lessons, games, activities and printables and includes 6 Clip Art & B&W Sets (in PNG format 300 dpi):

    1. Fall Fun Kids features: 1 grouping with a scarecrow surrounded by fall leaves and a girl with a black crow on her hand, 1 girl sitting in leaves with her arms raised up, 1 boy holding a pile of leaves, 1 boy sitting under an autumn tree, 1 girl holding a sunflower, 1 boy sitting on a hay bale while holding leaves, 1 girl standing in front of a cart that's sitting in leaves and is filled with a giant pumpkin, 1 boy raking leaves, 1 boy standing in front of a wheelbarrow and raking leaves, 1 girl filling a trash bag with leaves and 1 girl sitting on a gigantic pumpkin while throwing leaves up in the air.
    2. Fall Fun Stuff features: 1 tree limb with fall leaves, 1 black crow, 1 hay bale with fall leaves, 1 sunflower, 1 scarecrow in fall leaves, 1 pumpkin, 1 wooden cart with a pumpkin and leaves, 1 wooden wagon wheel in leaves, 1 wooden cart sitting in leaves, 1 pile of leaves, 1 fall tree with leaves, 1 bare tree, 1 wheelbarrow filled with leaves, 1 black trash bag filled with leaves and 2 styles of rakes.
    3. Fall Teddy Bears features: 1 teddy bear raking leaves, 1 teddy bear with a wheelbarrow and a rake, 1 teddy bear putting fall leaves in a trash / garbage bag, 1 teddy bear playing in the autumn leaves, 1 teddy bear sitting under a fall tree, 1 teddy bear in the pumpkin patch, 1 teddy bear holding a pumpkin, 1 teddy bear with a basket of apples, 1 teddy bear with apple cider and 1 teddy bear sitting on a bale of hay.
    4. Apple Picking features: 1 boy sitting with a pile of apples, 1 boy holding an apple and a basket of apples, 1 boy holding a basket of apples, 1 girl holding an apple, 1 girl pulling a wagon filled with apples, 1 apple tree, 1 basket of apples, 1 wagon filled with apples, 1 tree limb with apples and 1 apple.
    5. Big Grin Fall Leaves Fun features: 6 girls and boys with big grins / smiles playing in fall leaves, sitting on a pumpkin, sitting on a hay bale and sitting under an autumn tree.
    6. Pumpkin Patch Kids features: 1 light skinned boy with a pumpkin man, 1 light skinned girl with a large pumpkin, 1 pumpkin patch with a sign that reads: PUMPKINS FOR SALE, 1 red wagon with pumpkins, 1 dark skinned girl holding a pumpkin, 1 light skinned girl holding a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, 1 light skinned boy pulling a wagon with pumpkins, 1 light skinned girl holding a pumpkin, 1 light skinned boy picking out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, 1 dark skinned boy with a pumpkin.

      You won't need to purchase a separate Commercial License for the designs sold in this Bundle Deal in accordance with my Terms of Use.

      You'll be able to create your own crafts, cards, printables, classroom / teacher resources and many other projects.

      These designs are ©2014 - Present by Classroom Doodle Diva (a division of Digi Web Studio).

      *This product is a download product so nothing will be shipped to you.

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